Update December 9, 2021

  1. Updates to our leaderboards! Our current leaderboards have been revamped to now include histogram graphics which show where your score places among others who have played each map. While Challenges, Surrounding Scores, and Friends leaderboards remain unchanged, we have removed the Global Top Ten display for our normal maps but they will still be available on the Daily and Weekly Challenge.
  2. Improvements to controller support. If you play with a controller, you’ll be prompted to replay the tutorial if you’d like to see the changes.
  3. New and improved colourblind options, including a colour picker that allows you to select preferred colours.
  4. The return of our Seasonal Holiday photo frames in Photo Mode!
  5. Some tweaks to performance and input for Steam Deck.
  6. New achievements for Challenge Mode.
  7. Several bug fixes, including...
  8. Games freezing/locking at the End of Week screen. If you were seeing your screen grey out after selecting an upgrade, that should be resolved now.
  9. Issue where the game would sometimes render a black screen with loading icon.
  10. A handful of car stalling bugs.
  11. Improvements to various spawning issues such as boxed-in houses and notifications for disconnected buildings.