Update July 8, 2020


  1. Potential fix for suicidal horde bots on Feitoria docks.
  2. Moved a Horde spawn point on Camp.
  3. Adjusted first objective spawn protection on INV_Camp_1.
  4. Tweaked spawn protection of 2nd and 3rd objective on INV_Castello_0.
  5. Added dinner table to INV_Crossroads_0, food is locked to the noble and is accessible about halfway through the level.
  6. Fixed lift hole on Grad.
  7. Added a missing collision to Castello keep middle floor, as well as some pillars outside.
  8. Adjusted SKM_Castello blocking volume.
  9. MountainPeak fix for stuck icicles and missing interior doorway collision.
  10. Admin mute is now available in the chat context menu when logged in.
  11. Potential fix for scoreboard admin actions bug.
  12. Tweaked gamemode tiles.
  13. Fixed overlapping button prompts.
  14. Updated friendly marker.
  15. Fixed a condition where rewards could get discarded prematurely.
  16. Fixed fire pit being placeable inside vehicles causing them to be bumped.
  17. Fixed default mesh for polehammer showing up in some cases.
  18. Fixed shields being allowed to feint the shieldwall raise (which led to other exploits) -- can still parry while it’s coming up.
  19. Fixed received knockback for some nobles being wrong.
  20. Fixed halberd and polehammer alt clash boxes being offset and trail direction being incorrect.
  21. Fixed spawn screen not updating when new capture point is secured.
  22. Can no longer kick if either leg is disabled (fleshwound).
  23. Fix for replays having broken focusing on players.
  24. Added purchaseable Polehammers and Round Shields to all Horde maps.
  25. Added Polehammer and Round Shield to Horde chest drop tables.
  26. Added Polehammer and Round Shield to BR chest drop tables.