Update July 1, 2020

  1. You can now add multiplayer friends through their Bannerlord ID.
  2. Added in-game username system called Bannerlord ID. You can choose a username for yourself under the Social tab. Players are given a random username on login if they don’t have one. Usernames should be between 5-30 characters and only letters are allowed.
  3. Minor serverside improvements.
  4. Fixed a bug that caused 6-player parties to be removed from the Siege pool if they haven’t been on queue for 3 minutes.
  5. Fixed Custom Games not having auto team balance.
  6. Fixed barriers to prevent players go out of bounds or phase into objects (like walls, boxes etc.).
  7. Fixed a bug that makes the player able to speak to a notable with "request a meeting with someone" menu button.
  8. Fixed a crash that occurred when asking tavern keeper for available quests.
  9. Fixed a bug caused specific games to be created twice.
  10. Fixed an error that caused the player to be able to propose war/peace decisions while being under a mercenary contract.
  11. Minor bugfix with Kingdom Decision system.