Update May 8, 2020

  1. Fixed a crash on multiplayer that occurs while joining an ongoing server.
  2. Fixed a crash on multiplayer that occurs on the clientside when a crowded server is run for a long time.
  3. Fixed a crash on multiplayer servers when a physical object goes beyond the limits of the scene.
  4. An issue that caused players to get repeating punishments for leaving has been fixed. Note that we disabled punishments as soon as we realized the issue.
  5. Leaving before the Warm-up phase ends will not be counted for leave punishments until clients become stable enough. This also helps with crashes on load.
  6. Players who experience a server crash before Lobby servers detect the crash will not be counted as leaving the game and will suffer no punishment.
  7. An issue preventing the Siege game mode to open with less than 120 players has been fixed.
  8. Introducing Global Mute. Muted players will not be able to send messages in the game.