Update December 16, 2021



  1. Fixed a crash that occurred when bartering for safe passage.


  1. Fixed a bug that caused the wrong location to be shown for prisoner heroes in the Kingdom-Diplomacy War tab.



  1. Fixed a bug that caused the Steel Nasal Cap to get overridden by the default helmet of the Brigand.


  1. Adjusted some perk names and descriptions.

Infantry Changes

  1. Reduced the cost of many Heavy Infantry classes for TDM and Siege by 10 gold.
  2. Reworked many perks, weapons, and class attributes. Notable examples:
  3. Vlandia Sergeant: Armor 41 -> 45 , new "Shieldwall" perk shield (captain mode only).
  4. Sturgian Warrior: Granted a shield by default.

Ranged Changes

  1. Decreased the damage multiplier of javelins against shields from 75% to 25%.
  2. Increased damage of all low-tier bows and crossbows.
  3. Decreased damage of all high-tier bows and crossbows.
  4. All melee-focused archer perks now either reduce the penalty of aiming or increase the speed overall while moving.
  5. Accuracy perks for archers now only apply on foot (except for Khuzait).

Cavalry Changes

  1. Added a half-barding version to all heavy cavalry classes.
  2. Reduced the weight of full bardings, making your Warhorses more responsive to dashes.
  3. Added a default shield to most light cavalry classes.
  4. Bow and Arrows perks now grant accuracy bonuses.
  5. Reworked many lance and cavalry spear-related perks.
  6. Reduced the cost of many Heavy Infantry classes for TDM and Siege by 50 gold.
  7. Increased the skirmish mode prices of most light cavalry classes.
  8. Vanguard: Cost 130 -> 140.
  9. Courser: Cost 130 -> 140.
  10. Beduin: Renamed to Jawwal (to fit the single player campaign lore), Cost 130 -> 140.
  11. Raider: Cost 130 -> 140.
  12. Mounted Warrior: Cost 140 -> 150.