Update January 13, 2022



  1. Fixed a crash that affected save files with references to removed items.
  2. Fixed a crash that occurred while trying to spawn a notable character in a village that the player is in.
  3. Fixed a crash that occurred when attempting to create a party with a companion that had just been rescued from prison.
  4. Fixed a crash that occurred upon load due to an issue with quest parties not being removed from the visual tracking system.
  5. Fixed a crash that occurred when a teamless agent hit another agent in certain missions.
  6. Fixed a crash that affected older save files with the "Disrupt Supply Lines" quest active.


  1. Fixed a save/load compatibility issue across different versions for Inventory locks, troop and prisoner locks, bookmarks, and various other UI elements.
  2. Fixed an issue that caused the "Locate and Rescue Traveler" tutorial quest to become stuck.
  3. Fixed the shooting behaviour of crossbowmen in circle and square formations.
  4. Minor Order of Battle configuration save/load improvements.
  5. Fixed an issue with the "Needs Help With Brigands" quest that caused other quest related party AI to be overridden.


  1. Campaign behaviour saved data is now mapped by a moddable ID.
  2. Disabled Clan & Kingdom Screen actions in encounters and sieges.



  1. Fixed a bug that prevented options from being saved in the Lobby.
  2. Added scoreboard info and fixed localisation issues in the Lobby Recent Games Tab.