Update April 28, 2021

  1. NEW Island - the majestic Magical Sanctum.
  2. NEW Magical Monsters - Xyster, Knucklehead, Frondley, Déja-Jin and Larvaluss.
  3. NEW Magical Monsters coming every 2 weeks.
  4. Single-Element Monsters added to Market on Ethereal Island.
  5. Ability to send Keys to Friends directly from the Friends Menu.
  6. Streamlined Battle Tutorial on the Colossingum.
  7. NEW Versus and Champions’ Guild battle modes - win competitive Matches to improve your Rank and win great prizes.
  8. NEW Friendly battle mode - face off against your Friends just for fun.
  9. NEW Jukebox feature in the Mess Hall - unlock new tunes.
  10. NEW Decorations exclusive to the Colossingum.
  11. NEW Avatar feature - choose a Monster portrait to represent you in the Options Menu.
  12. Costumes available to buy on other Islands in the Monster World.
  13. StarShop added to Shugabush and Ethereal Islands.
  14. Current and previous weeks’ Versus Mode Champions in the Rank menu on the Colossingum.
  15. Improved interface for secondary Currencies on Island display.
  16. Ability to Teleport Monsters to the Colossingum from more Islands.