Update April 28, 2020


  1. Added Uplifting Gift missions, players will be able to change their appearance after completing these.
  2. Added Remington side quests.
  3. Added Merlin side quests.
  4. Added Lucy side quests.
  5. Added Django side quests.
  6. Added new NPC relationship impact.
  7. Added Vietnamese localisation.


  1. Fixed the display position of the Electric Furnace output.
  2. Fixed the appearance of Albert’s child.
  3. Fixed issues with machines making incorrect items.
  4. Fixed Mint’s eyes not closing when he’s sitting down.
  5. Fixed the church fountain sound being too loud.
  6. Fixed the problem of bridge columns hanging in the air in the sewage area.
  7. Fixed part of the hanging grass in the corner of the Town.
  8. Fixed the issue of the game crashing when the player triggers "A Cup of Melancholy" and "Beauty is Hard Work" quests at the same time.
  9. Fixed the issue of the target updating incorrectly during Ginger’s "Tests of Marriage" quest.
  10. Fixed the issue of the mini game triggering incorrectly when you go on a date with Gust.
  11. Fixed some text errors.
  12. Fixed some NPCs relationship impact not matching the text.
  13. Fixed the issue of the camera passing through after player takes a photo of the restaurant and entrance to the Collapsed Wasteland.
  14. Fixed Nora’s icon.
  15. Fixed an issue where NPCs would occasionally not participate in events.
  16. Fixed an issue with Arlo’s punching sound.
  17. Fixed an issue where players would be stuck after festival events, dating and exploring the Haunted Cave.
  18. Fixed an issue where Dee-dee transport could not be controlled when closing the map.
  19. Fixed an issue where a proposal to Gus was always rejected after the Commission of Happiness task was not completed.
  20. Fixed an issue with cotton llamas getting stuck in front of doors.
  21. Fixed dates being interrupted.