Update July 29, 2020

  1. Added Hulu Brother’s side quest.
  2. Added Paulie side quest.
  3. Added Toby side quest.
  4. Added Alice side quest - after getting married.
  5. Added new content for the Portia Times.
  6. Optimized Alice’s behavior on the Flower Shop Sign quest.
  7. Fixed an issue where the Chamber of Commerce’s ranking settlement was incorrect.
  8. Fixed an issue where checking the skill tree in Japanese language caused crashes.
  9. Fixed the crash when triggering a mission and the last storyboard when player get out the door.
  10. Fixed the issue of not being able to use the Pepperiffic Beef Burger when in the quick bar.
  11. Added the Aka replanting description text.
  12. Fixed the issue missing Sasquatch and Pointy Nosed Snowman icons on the map.