Update August 9, 2021


  1. Added a large amount of voiceovers, including Gale, Higgins, Paulie, Alice and others. This adds missing voiceovers for over 60 NPCs.
  2. Added the source description for the Pink Cat’s Ears item.
  3. Added the source description of Wedding Anniversary gifts.
  4. Added interior maps for Huss and Tuss’ house, as well as Mason’s house.
  5. Added timeout protection for the Fishing minigame.


  1. Adjusted the trigger time for the Pinecocks quest to prevent conflict with the other Starlight Island quest.
  2. Adjusted the time of the "Change the Subject" quest’s item to the second day, and fixed.
  3. Incorrect ending issues of this task.


  1. Fixed inaccurate present in Portia’s overview map.
  2. Fixed the incorrect distance of Oaks’ interaction with players.
  3. Fixed bug where the camera could not be reset while riding mounts.
  4. Fixed bug where stables don’t display food reduction tips when adding food.
  5. Fixed bug where toxic water didn’t cause damage while standing in it in the Sewage Plant.
  6. Fixed some collisions in the WOW Industries ruins and Western Plateau dungeon.
  7. Fixed bug where the 1st day’s prediction results lose effect in the second day of the Martial Arts Tournament .
  8. Fixed the incorrect entrances and exits on the Commerce Guild Map.
  9. Fixed freeze after skipping a level in Ingall’s Mine.
  10. Fixed improper locations of the resurrection area in some dungeons.
  11. Fixed bug where Gale’s mission bubbles were not removed after the Fireside meeting for Pa’s return.
  12. Fixed bug where interaction did not disappear when fighting robots in the "Not Another Calm Morning" quest.
  13. Fixed freeze after submitting Cargo Scale to Gale while finishing the "Greatest Scam of Them All?" quest.
  14. Fixed conflicts while doing "Adventure on Starlight Island" and "Comfort the Pinecocks".
  15. Fixed bug with interaction options not fading after Remington walks away from the player.
  16. Fixed the issue that Sasquatch and Pointy Nosed Snowman’s icon missed on the map.
  17. Fixed freeze during the first time playing Cross Five while using a controller.
  18. Fixed incorrect tips in the Recovery Machine UX, and added a button tip for switching pages while using a controller.
  19. Fixed bug where the Commission Board can’t be used while using a controller.
  20. Fixed the unexpected key response while riding the Portia tour bus .
  21. Fixed bug where failing to catch the fish while fishing while using a controller will cause lasting vibration.