Update January 31, 2021

  1. Delete-only track controls in track editor need an icon that hints at being selectable.
  2. Accounting UTC warning should display UTC time.
  3. Fix: train sales are not reflected in accounting.
  4. Hotfix: improvements to time expectations should not touch price expectations given the state of the overall cash balance.
  5. Change expected pax travel time, specially for shorter distances. At shorter distances a logaritmic ramp has the most influence, them from around 30km a linear ramp starts having the most influence. The overall effect is more forgiving pax at shorter distances and not so much at longer distances.
  6. Redesign stop listing to make it clear where leg times apply.
  7. Simple train sales, returning 75% of price.
  8. Increase scroll delta when using mouse wheel.
  9. Allow 20x and 30x speeds in MP. Switch back to lower speeds if you have sync problems.
  10. Move to trash button in file picker.
  11. Open in Explorer button in file picker.
  12. Do not autoselect a line when creating a new slot.
  13. Warn about UTC 0 based accounting.
  14. Fix train list line filter not working in MP.
  15. Fix map zoom and pan animations when vsync is off.
  16. Fix using train intervention in MP occasionally causing desyncs.
  17. Hotfix: remove the fixed 10m pathfind cost for going into a transfer station.
  18. Time sax is now simply based on elapsed time vs expected time.
  19. Sax tooltips now show the expected time, fare by the pax for a Neutral rating.
  20. When a pax is already on a train, and has to decide if continuing on the train or transferring into station for another line, add a fixed 10m to the cost of the transfer option.
  21. Fix crashers and slowdowns by massively optimizing the line drawing code.
  22. Avoid UI collapse when sim cannot run at the desired speed by throttling down simulation speed (only in single player).
  23. Fix crasher when deleting a track that links two platform stations of the same station.
  24. Increase max autosave slots to 100.
  25. Wetlands are now drier.
  26. Always set fresh empty orders for new trains unless it is a clone.
  27. Refunds, compensations and running cost must be always be paid, even at under 0 balance.
  28. Nerf overpass price.
  29. Right mouse button must be always assigned to the map, never to the UI.
  30. Train scheduler should warn that orders only update on trains while the sim is running.
  31. Remove branch time in line time estimator. It is always 0.
  32. Fixed an error with invalid 0 sized station platforms creating a worldwide station that includes every other station in the map, sometimes leading to crashes, always leading to hilarity.
  33. Fixed a rare crash when importing stations that lack a proper track connection.
  34. Fixed pax sax formula to actually measure distance to destination.
  35. Fixed pax sax formula to not have unrealistic expectations, even after the previous fix.