Update February 8, 2021

  1. Remake texture handling for trains to use multiple texture arrays as required. This should fix the errors of missing train textures some users had when enabling many train mods.
  2. Pax with refund risk due to fare should display "refund risk" instead of sax label.
  3. Format line prices with 2 default decimals.
  4. Show depot icon in depot slots in train scheduler.
  5. Fix: depot picker for multi train scheduler didn’t work correctly.
  6. Fix: total sum of leg times and leg distances in stops panel was missing a leg.
  7. Fix for nearby station catch areas not updating on station deletion.
  8. Tentative fix for tracks and stations stuck in validation mode.
  9. In-game enabling of mods for existing saves (in SP). For MP games, first load the saved game in SP mode and enable the mods you want to, then save the game.
  10. "Enable all mods" buttons for new games and in-game mods list (in SP).
  11. "Subscribe to all missing mods" button for in-game mods list.
  12. Copy paste buttons for color picker. You can also paste RGB hex codes from external programs.
  13. Larger sync window for MP, and larger window margins set up to stay in the center of the window, to reduce chances to trigger the catch up / hold up.
  14. Pax accounting for interventions.
  15. Do not hide the front of the train under its icon arrow at any zoom level.
  16. Fix: correct handling of non-ASCII characters in saved file names.
  17. Fix: map animations not rendering the last frame when in low FPS situation.
  18. Fix: occasionally off by 1m display of waiting times.
  19. Add extra error handling to game startup.
  20. Completely rewrote the streaming sim code for multiplayer. The game client is now capable of both waiting for the server and skipping ahead, including being able to frameskip and to hold off the simulation for any length of time.
  21. Make initial track validation run parallel with the game sim, greatly improving the initial load experience.
  22. Fix a condition where some blueprints could not be constructed in multiplayer.
  23. More fixes for reducing errors in MP join: the sim state stream buffering in the client now has proper windowing and allows up to a 10s desync.
  24. Compensation accounting for lines: before compensating a 3h wait pax, ask it which line it was waiting for, and file it into said line accounting.
  25. Line listing sorting: alphabetically, fares, balance,boarded, refunds, compensations. Also display some inline stat related to the sorting mode.
  26. Fix interval stop time when more than one train manages to stop in the same platform.
  27. Disable signals, they are unfixable without path signals. Instead rely on 2D hit testing with priority rules based on speed. Proper signals will come in a future major version.
  28. Tentative fix for some clients unable to connect to complex and fast games. Clients are now not sent the sim stream until they are done importing the game, and then they fast forward to the server sim frame at max speed.
  29. Make viaducts 50% cheaper, since they are too close to the price of tunnels without their advantages.
  30. Properly localize track kind names.
  31. Fix very rare crasher related to pathfinding.
  32. Tentative fix for rare crasher on text input.
  33. Max speed mode in SP: set sim speed to 10000x, hide the UI, and let the game throttle down to what the CPU is capable of.
  34. Decrease compensation fine by 4x.
  35. Increase expected fares by 4x.
  36. Rename "min wait" to "min stop time".
  37. Extra stop time applied when station is too full will now always reserve up to 3 minutes, independently of the min stop time set by players. the 2x limit of the min stop applies after that point. in practice this means that for trains that don’t involve thousands of pax (in capacity or in the stations they visit), you can set the min. stop time to a low number (10s is the new game default) and the game will automatically take as much time as needed, up to 3m, or until the train is both full and fully processed.
  38. Add text warning to end of stop scroll message when the stop time is too short to process all the pax in the station/train, or when the train is at max pax, fully processed, and there.
  39. Are still pax in the station pending processing.
  40. Add line mini tool to bulk set the min stop time of a line.
  41. Rename "fare" in pax listing to "paid" and a "paid so far" in a tooltip.
  42. Improve accounting text and ordering of items to make it more clear when something is a compensation or a refund, or both.
  43. Multiplayer protocol version number is now automatic and depends on the game version.