Update February 17, 2021

  1. Add button to toggle click to zoom in the lines and train listing.
  2. Future proof mod loading so unknown schema mods do not crash or glitch.
  3. Warn the user when trying to use a mod with unknown schema sections.
  4. Add whole-line clipping to discard line drawing in map view.
  5. Fix: the out-of-screen clipping for line drawing was not working properly.
  6. Fix: crash when options panel cannot find a matching translation mod for the currently set game language.
  7. Late trains also have an ETA penalty.
  8. When a pax arrives to its next stop, reapply the ETA estimation from the POV of station immediately.
  9. Make the new pax AI permanent, bumping the save version of the game.
  10. Add "group by next stop" to train pax listing.
  11. Interventions should also reset the stop and station state of the train.
  12. Add a checkbox to mod uploader to not set the description or icon when updating a mod.
  13. Mods panel is now a top level panel with its own toolbar icon.
  14. Remove the train filter for lines and models and replace it with a grouping feature.
  15. "In depot" filter for train listing.
  16. Redesign pax listings to give more space to station name when using a grouping option.
  17. Store exact game version in saved games header.
  18. Add saved game file information to the saved games picker.
  19. Add proper error warnings when dealing with different versions of saved game files.
  20. Allow to rename rather than overwrite old version save files.
  21. Fix: deleted stations sometimes caused ghost pax to remain hidden inside forever.
  22. Pax now have a little memory! When they board a train, they also decide which is their next stop, and stick to it.
  23. Train stops now have a cost in the pax pathfinder, making lines that take more stops more time-costly.
  24. The previous ETA costing now properly considers paths that bounce back at the station and discards them when it makes sense.
  25. Late trains from the POV of the ETA are costed with the same amount of their late time.
  26. The previous changes have a measurable CPU impact in large builds.
  27. Give more space to mod uploaded for easier editing of description and update notes.
  28. Attempted to fix the truncation of the mod description when editing mod updates in the mod uploader, but it turns out Steamworks sends the description already truncated.
  29. New map option: disable line stop icons.
  30. Fix: building the data structure used to avoid 1D collision had a degenerate case which leaked memory and slowed down the game in particular circumstances.
  31. Dynamic tractive power formula was way overestimating its output. Make it more realistic but still a bit faster than real life.
  32. Fix: stations with no region should still have some level of demand above 0.
  33. The leg time estimator now has rough acceleration approximation for some fixed accelerations, or can optionally use a train assigned to the line to simulate its acceleration ramp.
  34. Optimize track validator by not validating against map geometry built tracks whose sibling tracks are already built.
  35. More rendering optimizations for the zoomed out views.
  36. Fix: 1D hit test was looking too far ahead in some cases, resulting in deadlocks (one of the possible deadlock cases).
  37. Fix: set min stop time does not work if the current stop time in the stop is "pass" and it is not a waypoint.
  38. Distinct icons for pass and stop waypoints, and also for station pass stops, on both line editor and lines on the map.
  39. Add "continue game" main menu button.
  40. Add interval suggestion in the calculator.
  41. Simplify right toolbar to add room for more (future) buttons.
  42. New map options panel with options to hide some map objects; also move map overlay buttons to this panel.
  43. Move line timing setters and calculator to its own panel.
  44. Reduce MP sync bandwidth by 3x, by increasing the sync phases. trains now take up to 3s to be sync to clients, but the sync window was already behind by more than that, so it didn’t make much sense to keep the original 1s phase. all other phases are also increased in proportion.
  45. Dynamic tractive effort. it will be reverted if too much stuff breaks.
  46. Fix: perfectly lined up N-S or W-E station platforms sometimes had 0 sized bounding boxes, causing coverage errors.
  47. Two letter platform names when more than 26 platforms in a station.
  48. Keep station auto name on unchecking the auto name feature if the custom name is empty, and auto focus the text input.
  49. Display some text instead of a tiny box for empty station nameplates.
  50. Tentatively disable one of the track hit tests which was giving trouble in very simple 1D hit cases.
  51. Enable some debug graphics for hit test. For a few beta builds extra debug information will be shown next to trains in some circumstances.
  52. Make scrollable listings better clip their content labels to make scrollbars more usable (not the real fix, but better than the previous state).
  53. Speed up train icon drawing.
  54. Use a less pointy arrow for trains.
  55. Speed up line drawing by using a simpler kind of line.
  56. Relocate bottom listing tools so delete button is not under the scrollbar.
  57. Fix color picker widget showing no color on first reset.
  58. Disable train avoidance in train pathfinder if the to-avoid track is the destination or its linked tracks.
  59. Accounting panels should be a scroll area in low resolution screens.
  60. Fix: pax must pay km fares when the train passes by a waypoint.
  61. Stop file modification times from jumping around in file picker.
  62. Add train count in line stops header.