Update February 20, 2021

  1. Train mods schema v2 implemented. Train mods can now provide a richer set of data to the game, and more importantly, they are not limited anymore to a rigid head-car(s)-tail structure. Instead they can provide any number of custom compositions, repeating any number of cars in any order. All v1 mods remain compatible.
  2. New train purchase interface to pick premade train combinations and their variable car numbers.
  3. Add IME text input support.
  4. Allow leg time estimator to have a min speed of 1 km/h.
  5. Remove track id from track info.
  6. Restore some level of train path cache, with a single frame duration, to help with depot pathfinding slowdowns.
  7. Do not default to any speed value in the leg calculator.
  8. Fix: reviewed again string input for non-latin scripts and fixed some bugs with Unicode handling.
  9. Fix: new pax in stations should display the origin station name.