Last Update

  1. FEATURE: Perks can be rerolled with gold.
  2. FEATURE: Added 4 new perks.
  3. FEATURE: Added 7 new spells.
  4. FEATURE: Added 2 new secret areas.
  5. FEATURE: Added 2 new enemies.
  6. FEATURE: Secret area is harder to get to.
  7. UPDATE: Repositioned a secret item into a more sensible spot.
  8. UPDATE: Gave a monster the lair it deserves.
  9. UPDATE: Buffed "Slime blood" perk - removes slime slowdown from player.
  10. UPDATE: Wands with high reload times are now more interesting.
  11. UPDATE: Wands have a new secret ability.
  12. UPDATE: Gave a certain monster a new tool.
  13. BUGFIX: Gamepad cursor sometimes focused on screen corner.
  14. BUGFIX: Emerald tablets did collision damage to berserked player.
  15. BUGFIX: Rock spell did collision damage to berserked player.
  16. BUGFIX: Several spells listed a wrong type.
  17. BUGFIX: Enemies killed with lightning dropped double gold.
  18. BUGFIX: Enemies killed with bombs dropped double gold.
  19. BUGFIX: Performance/modding - some sprite rendering code paths were slow if any mods were enabled.
  20. BUGFIX: Rerolled perks rolled off screen.
  21. BUGFIX: Throw button rebinding didn’t work.
  22. BUGFIX: Certain spells could deal ludicrous damage every frame.
  23. BUGFIX: "Boomerang spells" perk could break modifiers.
  24. BUGFIX: "Explosion on Slimy Enemies" and similar spells always did the effect if target had never been stained.
  25. BUGFIX: Teleporting sometimes moved entities inside walls.
  26. BUGFIX: UI - "Always casts" row layout was a bit broken.
  27. BUGFIX: Inventory/gamepad - dragging a flask where it couldn’t be dropped made player drink it.
  28. BUGFIX: Endings were broken.
  29. BUGFIX: Sentient wands would bug out when saving and loading.
  30. BUGFIX: A reward chest was spawning inconsistently.
  31. BUGFIX: Crash - rare crashes in inventory logic.
  32. BUGFIX: Crash - "Personal Gravity Field" crashed the game.
  33. BUGFIX: Crash - when there were too many particles.
  34. BUGFIX: Crash - very rare crash caused by the player cape.
  35. MODDING: Mod list is scrollable.
  36. MODDING: Lua - improved error reporting when C++ code calls lua functions.
  37. MODDING: Lua - added ComponentGetMetaCustom( component_id, variable_name ).
  38. MODDING: Lua - added PhysicsGetComponentVelocity( entity_id, component_id ).
  39. MODDING: Lua - added PhysicsGetComponentAngularVelocity( entity_id, component_id ).
  40. MODDING: Lua - added PhysicsVecToGameVec( x, y ).
  41. MODDING: Lua - added GameVecToPhysicsVec( x, y ).
  42. MODDING: Lua - added EntityGetInRadius( pos_x, pos_y, radius ).
  43. MODDING: Lua - added EntityGetInRadiusWithTag( pos_x, pos_y, radius, entity_tag ).
  44. MODDING: Lua - added GameDropAllItems( entity_id ).
  45. MODDING: Added new tags to various objects - easier object identification via tags.
  46. MODDING/BUGFIX: "Random starting loadouts" mod - one of the loadouts had incorrectly configured stain maps.