Update October 15, 2020

  1. FEATURE: Twitch integration - let stream viewers make your game more chaotic.
  2. FEATURE: New progress is displayed at the end of a run.
  3. FEATURE: Sim - liquids freeze in cold biomes.
  4. FEATURE: Sim - ice and snow melt in hot biomes.
  5. FEATURE: Biome modifiers: moist, dark, freezing, hot, conductive, mineable and more..
  6. FEATURE: New contraption in holy mountain.
  7. FEATURE: More new stuff in holy mountain.
  8. FEATURE: New elements in Nightmare mode.
  9. FEATURE: Menus support keyboard input.
  10. FEATURE: Rendering - some environments have custom color grading.
  11. FEATURE: Rendering - some environments hav underground fog/mist.
  12. FEATURE: New perk: Revenge bullets.
  13. FEATURE: New perk - Gas fire.
  14. FEATURE: New perk - Phasing.
  15. FEATURE: New perk: No More Knockback.
  16. FEATURE: New perk: Faster levitation.
  17. FEATURE: New perk: Peace with Gods.
  18. FEATURE: New perk: Kills To Mana.
  19. FEATURE: New spell: Cursed Sphere.
  20. FEATURE: New spell: Freezing gaze.
  21. FEATURE: New spell: Pinpoint of light.
  22. FEATURE: New spell: Blood magic.
  23. FEATURE: New spell: Octagonal bolt bundle.
  24. FEATURE: New spell: Fizzle.
  25. FEATURE: New spell: Decelerating shot.
  26. FEATURE: New spell: Warp cast.
  27. FEATURE: New spell: Laser bounce.
  28. FEATURE: New spell: Magic guard.
  29. FEATURE: New spell: Big magic guard.
  30. FEATURE: New spell: Infestation.
  31. FEATURE: New spell: Earthquake shot.
  32. FEATURE: New spell: Duplicate.
  33. FEATURE: New spell: Linear arc.
  34. FEATURE: New spell: Oil rain.
  35. FEATURE: New spell: Bubbly Bounce.
  36. FEATURE: More than 30 new secret spells.
  37. FEATURE: 4 new enemies added.
  38. FEATURE: New enemy: ???
  39. FEATURE: New enemy: Munkki.
  40. FEATURE: New enemy: Maadoittajamestari.
  41. FEATURE: New enemy: Palauttajamestari.
  42. FEATURE: New item: Vuoksikivi.
  43. FEATURE: A variety of new items to find in the game world.
  44. FEATURE: New prop: Water barrel.
  45. FEATURE: New prop: Plasma beam box.
  46. FEATURE: New music: Underground Jungle.
  47. FEATURE: New music: Vault.
  48. FEATURE: New music: Temple of Art.
  49. FEATURE: New music: Kolmisilmä.
  50. FEATURE: New music: Credits.
  51. FEATURE: New music: Stevari.
  52. FEATURE: New music: Various side biomes.
  53. FEATURE: New music: The Work.
  54. FEATURE: New music: Snowy Wasteland.
  55. FEATURE: New music: The tower.
  56. FEATURE: Audio: new material sounds for chains.
  57. FEATURE: Audio: new material sounds for wires.
  58. FEATURE: Audio: new material sounds for magical materials.
  59. FEATURE: Audio: new projectile sounds.
  60. FEATURE: Audio: new creature sounds.
  61. FEATURE: Audio: new boss sounds.
  62. FEATURE: Audio: new explosion sounds.
  63. FEATURE: Audio: new ambiences for Underground Jungle, Vault and Temple of Art.
  64. FEATURE: Audio: various new sounds.
  65. FEATURE: New traps in crypt.
  66. FEATURE: New material: Levitation.
  67. FEATURE: New material: Hastium.
  68. FEATURE: New secret materials and material interactions.
  69. FEATURE: Option for reducing cosmetic particle amount, other new options.
  70. FEATURE: New achievements.
  71. FEATURE: New secrets..
  72. UPDATE: New background in Temple of the Art, Pyramid and Mines.
  73. UPDATE: Telekinetic kick animations.
  74. UPDATE: Levitation Trail sparks have increased velocity but slow down when penetrating materials.
  75. UPDATE: Added variety to projectile explosion VFX.
  76. UPDATE: Increased the strength of physical impulses of many projectiles.
  77. UPDATE: Mines has new wands, spells and tiles.
  78. UPDATE: Starting equipment is randomized.
  79. UPDATE: Enhanced Holy Mountain visuals.
  80. UPDATE: Adjusted spawn probabilities of several spells.
  81. UPDATE: Pentagram / Hexagram mana tweaked.
  82. UPDATE: Light modifier’s radius increased.
  83. UPDATE: New attack for Plasmakukka.
  84. UPDATE: Improved UI graphics filtering (pixel-perfect UI rendering).
  85. UPDATE: Health bar displays damage amount.
  86. UPDATE: Spell icons are colored according to spell type.
  87. UPDATE: Tweaked selected item look in inventory.
  88. UPDATE: Wand info boxes display all slots.
  89. UPDATE: Mana bar is displayed only if a wand is selected.
  90. UPDATE: Overhauled and extended a side biome.
  91. UPDATE: Overhauled options menu.
  92. UPDATE: Improved adaptive vsync logic.
  93. UPDATE: Gamma setting can no longer be used to see in the dark.
  94. UPDATE: Overhauled knockback effects.
  95. UPDATE: Picking up the nearest item is now prefered.
  96. UPDATE: Polished teleport fx.
  97. UPDATE: Mountain background fixes.
  98. UPDATE: Never Skip Leg Day perk is buffed.
  99. UPDATE: Never Skip Leg Day perk affects Telekinetic Kick.
  100. UPDATE: Living On The Edge perk effects start when hp is under 25%.
  101. UPDATE: Toxic sludge immunity perk now protects you from frozen toxic sludge.
  102. UPDATE: Some ragdolls fall down more easily.
  103. UPDATE: Jetpack particles indicate remaining jetpack energy.
  104. UPDATE: Melee on frozen player doesn’t lead to instakill.
  105. UPDATE: Glass Cannon is shinier.
  106. UPDATE: Liquids can now push characters.
  107. UPDATE: UI - bars now shake to indicate when you’re out of them.
  108. UPDATE: UI - mana drain now has its own icon.
  109. UPDATE: UI - displays cast delay as a bar if trying to use wand and there’s an ongoing delay.
  110. UPDATE: Buffed a secret spell to be worth its salt.
  111. UPDATE: AI doesn’t attempt to use wands with certain spells.
  112. UPDATE: AI throws away wands that have no usable spells.
  113. UPDATE: Polished AI wand carrying animations.
  114. UPDATE: Various text changes.
  115. UPDATE: Spells in the progress menu have a background indicating the spell type.
  116. UPDATE: Torch will melt frozen materials around it.
  117. UPDATE: Made some wall materials harder.
  118. UPDATE: UI - New rising damage numbers.
  119. UPDATE: Emerald tablet text appears in a more mysterious way.
  120. UPDATE: Optimization - optimized various systems.
  121. UPDATE: Optimization - optimized rainforest performance.
  122. UPDATE: Optimization - optimized area saving and loading.
  123. UPDATE: An arcane action is acknowledged.
  124. UPDATE: Game over UI tweaks.
  125. UPDATE: Updated some spell icons.
  126. UPDATE: Audio - mix tweaks.
  127. UPDATE: Audio - rain ambience stereo panning.
  128. UPDATE: Audio - added flying sound to Stevari’s projectiles.
  129. UPDATE: Polished the visuals of various props and background sprites.
  130. UPDATE: Enemies have new particle-based laser sights.
  131. UPDATE: Menus - scrolling boxes are smoother.
  132. UPDATE: Menus - locked game mode description text is washed out.
  133. UPDATE: Menus - menu UI animations.
  134. UPDATE: Menus - main menu polish.
  135. UPDATE: Tweaked emerald tablet text animations.
  136. UPDATE: Tweaked some teleport particle effects.
  137. UPDATE: Temple and boss music reacts better to various situations.
  138. BUGFIX: Revenge Tentacle and Revenge Explosion used to trigger on heal.
  139. BUGFIX: Some rainforest enemies didn’t drop gold on death.
  140. BUGFIX: UI wasn’t scaled correctly on some resolutions.
  141. BUGFIX: UI bars could sometimes go negative.
  142. BUGFIX: The game allowed selecting resolutions where the UI became so small it was illegible.
  143. BUGFIX: Display resolution change restore counter went below zero.
  144. BUGFIX: Perk list went offscreen when lots of perks had been picked.
  145. BUGFIX: Health bar went partially over other UI elements when max hp was high.
  146. BUGFIX: When hovering "Mods" in main menu a tooltip about mod incompatibilities was always displayed.
  147. BUGFIX: Changes to "Low resolution rendering" option weren’t applied correctly until other options were changed.
  148. BUGFIX: Dragged spells weren’t always rendered at correct depth.
  149. BUGFIX: Spell Refresh effects on wand weren’t applied until inventory was interacted with.
  150. BUGFIX: Character kept momentum after entering a portal, while the target area was loading.
  151. BUGFIX: Quiet liquid flow sound could be heard throughout the intro.
  152. BUGFIX: Gamepad always overrode mouse input focus when it was enabled.
  153. BUGFIX: Crash - shooting wand with fireworks and downwards bolt bundle.
  154. BUGFIX: Game should be hitting 60 fps more consistently now.
  155. BUGFIX: Hitting Escape at the start made things bug out.
  156. BUGFIX: Gold couldn’t be picked up near enemies that were alive.
  157. BUGFIX: Boss arena bridge didn’t always collapse.
  158. BUGFIX: Cloud spell spawn positions ignored obstacles.
  159. BUGFIX: Teleportitis triggered even though damage was blocked.
  160. BUGFIX: HP overflow is handled better.
  161. BUGFIX: Money overflow is handled better.
  162. BUGFIX: Setting enemies or yourself on fire multiple times didn’t work correctly.
  163. BUGFIX: Inanimate objects displayed damage numbers.
  164. BUGFIX: Fixed some issues in scripts.
  165. BUGFIX: Inventory gamepad controls didn’t work with some item configurations.
  166. BUGFIX: Fixed a crash when loading very old save game.
  167. BUGFIX: Homing on Eel didn’t work.
  168. BUGFIX: Splash sound could be heard when approaching [REDACTED].
  169. BUGFIX: Throwable items had a lifetime of 28 minutes.
  170. BUGFIX: Clouds had ridiculous maximum speed.
  171. BUGFIX: Progress menu item info boxes weren’t sometimes fully visible.
  172. BUGFIX: "Press E to pick treasure chest" -> "Press E to open treasure chest".
  173. BUGFIX: Audio - a fungal enemy didn’t play sound on all deaths.
  174. BUGFIX: Scroll container left side worked as a snap target.
  175. BUGFIX: Mouse cursor flickered when starting the game.
  176. BUGFIX: Hopefully fixed Hiisi Base turrets being able to shoot backwards.
  177. BUGFIX: It was not possible to anger the gods in the holy mountain area of The Laboratory.
  178. BUGFIX: Improved note spell code.
  179. MODDING: EntityAddComponent2() supports tags via _tags="tag1,tag2".
  180. MODDING: Lua - added StatsGlobalGetValue().
  181. MODDING: Lua - added BiomeMapConvertPixelFromUintToInt().
  182. MODDING: Lua - added BiomeObjectSetValue().
  183. MODDING: Lua - added BiomeVegetationSetValue().
  184. MODDING: Lua - added BiomeMaterialSetValue().
  185. MODDING: Lua - added BiomeMaterialGetValue().
  186. MODDING: Lua - added EntitySetDamageFromMaterial().
  187. MODDING: Lua - added EntityAddRandomStains().
  188. MODDING: Lua - added OnBiomeConfigLoaded hook (Accessible via init.lua. Gives access to biome configs pre world gen.).
  189. MODDING: Lua - added StreamingGetVotingCycleDurationFrames().
  190. MODDING: Lua - added a new Shift+F5 debug menu that can be configured via lua (available in noita_dev.exe).
  191. MODDING: Lua - added GameIsModeFullyDeterministic().
  192. MODDING: Lua - added GameIsInventoryOpen().
  193. MODDING: Lua - added StreamingGetIsConnected().
  194. MODDING: Lua - StreamingGetSettingsGhostsNamedAfterViewers().
  195. MODDING: Lua - added ComponentAddTag().
  196. MODDING: Lua - added ComponentRemoveTag().
  197. MODDING: Lua - added ComponentHasTag().
  198. MODDING: Lua - added StreamingGetRandomViewerName().
  199. MODDING: Lua - added SetWorldSeed().