Update April 16, 2020

  1. Fixed localised temperature text in the Minotaur cockpit.
  2. Fix to prevent oxygen from continuing to deplete if you enter the Minotaur while under water.
  3. Fixed the restore terrain effect when in the Minotaur.
  4. Fixed Minotaur animations after summoning the Minotaur.
  5. Fix to show the Vignette & Scanlines option again on PC.
  6. Fixed NPC ships getting stuck at the space station entrance.
  7. Fixed a bug which was causing performance issues on PC.
  8. Removed duplicated decals from the Exocraft customiser.
  9. Fixed decals drawing incorrectly when in the Roamer cockpit.
  10. Fixed the red colour option when customising banners.
  11. Fixed a crash when scanning Frigates with the Visor.
  12. Fixed a rare crash that could occur when interacting.