Update April 6, 2020

  1. Improved performance.
  2. Improved map loading times.
  3. Improvements to scene and asset loading.
  4. Map remembers the last zoom position now when reopened.
  5. Fixed the buzzing issue for the vast majority of players.
  6. Fixed bugs with obtaining certain achievements.
  7. Fixed missing characters in Asian languages.
  8. Fixed problems with some controller buttons not working for some players.
  9. Fixed several issues where player gets trapped behind closed door after respawning.
  10. Fixed several instances of screen going black at certain moments.
  11. Fixed problems with picking up some of the collectibles.
  12. Many more minor fixes.
  13. Introduced an option to hide HUD, along with a dynamic HUD mode.
  14. Added exclusive fullscreen option.
  15. Introduced resolution scaling option.
  16. Introduced motion blur scaling option.
  17. Introduced controller vibration scaling option.
  18. Fast travel from map is now a separate upgrade purchasable from Opher.

Achievements fixes details

  1. Healthy and Powerful achievements should be granted automatically when loading a save that meets all the criteria.