Update November 6, 2020

  1. New High Quality Graphics mode for Sharp, Supersampled image rendering with highest visual effect settings.
  2. New Low Quality Graphics mode with optimized visual effect settings to allow better performance on lower spec machines.
  3. PC Graphics Quality Setting Selection (Low, Balanced, High): Allows choosing between higher framerate and higher quality graphics modes.
  4. Sharpness Settings added in Graphics Settings for additional control of the image sharpness.
  5. New High Quality Audio Mode: High Fidelity Audio with increased Dynamic Range and.
  6. Convolution Reverb for ambiences.
  7. New Low Quality Audio Mode: Lower quality Audio mode for increased performance on lower end machines.
  8. Audio Quality Settings Selection: Allow to choose between higher quality audio and more optimized audio performance modes.
  9. Quick Access is now available from In-Game Pause menu.
  10. Backup Saves are now available from In-Game Pause menu.
  11. General Performance and Image Quality Improvements.
  12. Stability fixes introduced to further remove OOM and Graphics related crashes.
  13. Fixed several instances of Ori falling out of the world due to scene loading race conditions.
  14. Additional polish and improvements throughout the game experience.
  15. Various smaller bug-fixes.