Update June 3, 2020

  1. Fixed decay timer config not working properly.
  2. Fixed nearby structures being destroyed when support is turned off.
  3. Added always show chat option.
  4. Made world the default tab in chat.
  5. Fixed furnace having an invisible chimney that was allowing it to be accessed from above.
  6. Added the ability to set multiple markers on the map, right click on a marker to change the name, color, set it as the active marker on your compass or delete it.
  7. Removed ability to attach items to mail in PVP.
  8. Added bridge train track piece.
  9. Made explosions spawn on other clients (so they’re visible).
  10. Fixed more rock issues.
  11. Fixed several of map seams.
  12. Fixed dynamite now showing up after throwing the first one in a stack.
  13. Adjusted cost of track pieces.