Update February 4, 2020

  1. Updated Italian, Spanish, Russian and Portugues localization.
  2. Fixed large rocks so players cannot glitch inside.
  3. Massive rewrite to build mesh system that fixes several issues including items floating if a wall was destroyed or items showing that they can be placed but refusing to place.
  4. Fixed collision issue with river rocks in 16.18.
  5. Fixed bigfoot spawning in the wrong area.
  6. Made block list save.
  7. Made wells interactable by anyone.
  8. Added the ability to pick up build actors such as crafting benches and decorations.
  9. Fixed being able to interact with traveling merchants if you found their spawning point.
  10. Added invisibility admin option.
  11. Removed second like of text from signs/building pieces that didn’t need a second line.
  12. Changed text "Shot and Hung" to "Shot and Hanged".
  13. Fixed not being able to sit on a chair on specific floors.
  14. Fixed animalstaminaregenmultiplier ini config option also makes their stamina drain really fast.
  15. Fixed doors dropping down when damaged.
  16. Made guards not shoot merchants.
  17. Doubled Ice spoilage time.
  18. Made crafting multiplier ini option only effect resource items (fixed a bug that wouldn’t allow you to place items that were crafted).
  19. Added cost and sale price multiplier.
  20. Made changes to how decay removes abandoned structures to improve server performance.