Update May 5, 2020

  1. Fixed BattlEye kicking/banning due to a delay in the connection (this should also fix the random bug where players would not have control of the character after spawning).
  2. Removed stack height limit if Disable Support is true in the INI config.
  3. Disabled decay timer if the multiplier is less than or equal to 0.
  4. Added keybind option for console.
  5. Fixed Hotbar not being unset when an item is sold.
  6. Adjusted dismount to mitigate going through the terrain.
  7. Fixed leveling up health when wearing clothing.
  8. Fixed collision on large rock.
  9. Fixed floating rock in 10.14.
  10. Updated some localization.
  11. Fixed several map seams.
  12. Removed being able to craft chairs from PVP (to prevent exploit).
  13. Added search for mailbox.
  14. Fixed personal storage not saving on death (fixed duping exploit).
  15. Fixed mailbox being able to attach more than one item.
  16. Fixed admin invisibility still rendering the shadow and name tag.
  17. Possible fix for replicating build items quicker (should help when riding horses into areas with large buildings where they were loading fast enough).
  18. Added admin ability to give XP to self or players (can be done in the admin menu).
  19. Fixed item durability not transferring between players.