Update July 10, 2020


  1. Update of the network plugin (PUN 1.103.1).
  2. Online region can now be changed in the ’Open game to friend’ and ’Join game’ panels.
  3. Added new Online Regions to choose from: RU - Russia, IN - India, SA - South America, KR - South Korea.


  1. Alert status timer will now reset properly to 240 seconds when increasing/decreasing the Alertness Level.
  2. Wolf Mercenary Protection should now be save/load properly when active on Mercenaries.
  3. Player cannot target boss/boss minions until they enter in their respective arena.
  4. Unexpected Resilience enchantment can’t be applied on Antique Plate Garb anymore.
  5. Fix issue where damage from a damage type added by an enchantement that isn’t present on a weapon by default would be applied twice.
  6. Fix calculation of Stamina Cost Reduction.
  7. ’Flux’ and ’Speed and Efficiency’ enchantments now apply their speed modifier properly.
  8. Fix Gift of Blood (on an ally) healing rate. (it was 10 per 0.1 second instead of per second).