Update December 15, 2020


  1. Optimisation on arrow collision detection and melee weapon hit detection to reduce garbage collection.


  1. Fix some instance where the quest ’Liberate the sun’ would be marked as active even though it was completed.
  2. Fix a defeat scenario spawn position in The Grotto of Chalcedony where it would place the bag through a wall.
  3. Fix issue where building in progress would count as completed in some quest conditions.
  4. Fix issue where Gastrocin enemies would activate their drop table on dead too many times.
  5. Fixed the behaviour of one of the boss fights.
  6. Fix various Localisation issues.
  7. Fix various stuck spots in the Caldera region and its dungeons.


  1. Adjust rewards in the Gladiator Arena.
  2. Brawn passive skill increases stamina by 25 instead of 15.