Update January 8, 2021


  1. Changed combat check to consider undying defeated enemies out of combat in order to stop the music.
  2. In a previous patch, we adjusted the damage ratio for Normal attacks and Special Attacks of certain weapon types, but forgot to change it for TTB weapons. This has been fixed.
  3. Fixed spawn issue with Royal Manticore (and other special monsters).
  4. Fixed the issue where crafting would not give the recipe result and only consume the ingredients on some occasions.
  5. Fixed lava still rising even when quest is completed.
  6. Dispersion skill will now apply properly Scorch when the conditions are met.
  7. Breakthrough chain is now displayed properly in the Trainer panel when the Breakthrough skill isn’t bought yet.
  8. Fixed defeat scenario in Eldest Brother dungeon where a player could spawn within the wall and their backpack would be stuck there.
  9. Krypteia Helmet and Boots now have their respective tag assigned.
  10. TTB Enchantment prices have been partially fixed (we missed a few).
  11. Fix TTB Items that did not have their Legacy version properly assigned.
  12. Astral Shield Status build up set back to 60 (we missed this shield from the previous patch).
  13. Various Localization fixes.
  14. Fixed various stuck spots.
  15. GOG: Language Settings are now properly reloaded on startup.
  16. GOG: Achievement can properly be unlocked.
  17. Spirit of Monsoon now increases Electric Damage by 25% instead of increasing Electric Resistance (this was an error as it was planned to increase damage like other ’Spirit of [City]’ enchantments).
  18. Skip 7 days to supervise building construction won’t increase the player defeat count anymore.
  19. Fix a timing issue during loading for online coop that was creating item sync issues (including item stacks resetting to 1).
  20. Chemist flask and Blacksmith Hammer price fixes.
  21. Spirit of monsoon was giving Electric Resistance instead of Increasing Electric Damage.


  1. Elatt’s Interventions now gives 5 protection and 2 barrier, up from 2 protection and 2 barrier.
  2. Frozen Chakram now inflicts 40% elemental vulnerability, down from 100%.
  3. Wolf Fists now inflict 25% Cripple Buildup, up from 0.