Update May 7, 2019

Consoles specific

  1. Enhanced quality of textures.
  2. Performance improved in several areas.

All platforms

  1. Fixed items lost from bag when loading character.
  2. Fixed infinite loading for client when joining host due to too many items in their inventory.
  3. Fixed bow disappearing from hands (often due to dodge or getting hit while shooting).
  4. Fixed not being able to shoot with bow after opening/closing the game in network.
  5. Fixed duplicating beds in Levant and Berg (Could be the cause for some crashes due to too many items).
  6. Fixed camping event archers hoarding swords and bows.
  7. Fixed campfire performance issues for clients.
  8. Fixed death animation not triggered upon reaching 0 needs (health, food, drink, sleep) while sliding indefinitely (generally due to a stuck spot).
  9. Fixed client spells that would hit multiple times.
  10. Fixed an issue where players were moving before pressing Continue after a loading making them sometimes spawn into stuck spots or high in the air.
  11. Fixed invisible collider blocking UI after a vicinity dialogue was displayed.
  12. Fixed clients not being moved correctly while on an elevator.
  13. Fixed enemies not being affected by falling damage.
  14. Fixed Health/Stability sync delay while in online coop.
  15. Fixed multiple knockbacks while in online coop.
  16. Fixed camera not being properly locked even if an enemy is targeted.
  17. Fixed menu rendering when using DirectX 9.
  18. Fix an issue where client would swap their bag for another one in host’s game and both bags would end up being equipped, but none visible.
  19. Casting spells with 100% or more of mana reduction still uses 1 mana.
  20. Gold and Gaberry Wine aren’t perishable anymore.
  21. The pipe in Montcalm fort has been silenced.
  22. Ghost of Vanasse no longer respawns on area reset.
  23. Network bandwidth optimisation.
  24. Improved loading in online coop to prevent some disconnects.
  25. Host player’s body should now be correctly visible when the client changes areas.
  26. Online Region can be changed in the setting menu (note that people in different regions can’t play together, make sure the regions are matching).
  27. Added a failsafe for bags that went under the ground to appear on their owners/host (Happens when a loading is completed).
  28. Added a failsafe for dead enemies that fall under the ground.
  29. Most defeat scenarios now move the bag (as long as you are either wearing it or was dropped in the same area you were defeated).
  30. Second player’s bag is now also moved during defeat scenarios.
  31. Better validity check and error handling when retrieving save games on startup.
  32. Changed rendering when using render scale 100, this could prevent some crashes.
  33. Changed how items are loaded to reduce memory usage.
  34. Various Quest progression fixes.
  35. Minor fixes and adjustments.