Update April 13, 2021

  1. Fix ambient sounds volume being set to 0 after a loading.
  2. Fix issue where shooting an arrow with a bow would have an offset and thus missing the target.
  3. Fix Raw damage being considered an elemental damage (It should not have been).
  4. Fix issue where a skill could not be activated if Health was under 1 even if the skill does not consume Health to activate it.
  5. Manually cooking Spiny Meringue will now work properly instead of guving food waste. (Auto recipe was already working properly).
  6. Condition to suggest Cierzo as a destination for Caravan is now checked when talking to them instead of when loading the area. This is to avoid a situation where Cierzo would get destroyed between the loading of the area and the player asking the Caravan to travel.
  7. Fix several items pricing that were modified in a previous patch and they should not have.