Update June 16, 2020


  1. Status Effect knows who applied them (This means that buff on Decay Damage for a player will incease damage dealt by Poison status applied by them for instance).
  2. Flamethrower now is different depending of the equipped Lantern.
  3. Perfect Strike deals an additional 25 raw damage.
  4. Tripwired Trap recipes now creates 2 traps instead of 5.
  5. Staves now provide a x2 damage bonus on elemental damage.
  6. Increased Conjured Ghost Physical Resistance to 80 (up from 30).
  7. Reworked the VFX for Hex Status Effects (Bleed, Confusion, Pain, etc.).
  8. Reworked some SFX.
  9. Various tweaks on weapons and consumables. (Yeah, we know you love these vag notes).


  1. Fix Display issue where skills would disapear from the Skill Menu after being used.
  2. Fix an issue where the mana regen provided by Tired or Very Tired Status would not be applied if reached while sleeping.
  3. Legacy Chest will now be reloaded properly when a player is returning to their world (Stopping online play as client or losing connection with host).
  4. Item stacks should now be properly synced to host when client move them around.
  5. Gate in Ghost Pass that blocked access to the secret zone with illumators and chest won’t be there on reloading the zone.
  6. Fixed an issue where the backpack would not be saved if it was being taken by a player during the saving process.
  7. Fixed instances where the player could still craft an item with a missing ingredient.
  8. Fixed an issue where spamming an interaction to enter/exit a building would result in an unresponsive interaction.
  9. Fixed rare instances where returning to the main menu while playing splitscreen would result in an infinite loading.
  10. Changed how elevators are being synced, which should result in better position accuracy.
  11. Status Effects of lower level should not override the same effect of an higher level anymore.
  12. Only one item of a stack can now be placed in a Legacy Chest.
  13. Bleed Trap now applies Bleed instead of Extreme Bleeding. The improved Bleed Trap still applies Extreme Bleeding.
  14. Melee skills should now apply their Impact even if the attack was blocked.
  15. All tents (and the bedroll) had their modifiers to Health, Stamina and Mana burn set to 0. They have now been restored.
  16. Fix weight not being properly updated when splitting stacks of items and moving them around.
  17. Effects that applies a damage modifier on a weapon (eg. Varnish and the likes) will now apply it properly on Knockback/down enemies. (They were wrongly applying their damage twice.).
  18. Fix Heroic Kingdom Peace Maker debate not allowing to get the Tsar Stone as a reward.
  19. Poutine now provide Env Cold Resist.
  20. HitBox of some enemies were not disabled properly after they died.
  21. Fix twisted wrists.
  22. Fix tent interaction issues in online coop after sleeping.
  23. Fix various stuck spots.

Exclusive Content to DLC

  1. New City.
  2. New Region.
  3. New Dungeons.
  4. New Quest Line.
  5. New Bosses.
  6. Traveling with Caravan Trader.
  7. Enchanting System.
  8. Corruption.
  9. New Trainers (and skills).
  10. Various Weapons, Equipments and consumables.

Update #2

  1. Fix Sniper Shot and Predator Leep skills not using the right anim.
  2. Enrollment quest will not be given to a player that already joined a faction upon reaching Harmattan.
  3. Eating a Gaberry will not add a Gaberry Wine in the inventory anymore.