Update June 26, 2020

  1. Weapon damage in the Character equipment overview panel now takes into consideration the durability modifier.
  2. Runic Weapon visuals are now properly disabled when unequipping them or if their lifespan expires.
  3. Virgin armor now correctly compatible with enchantments compatible with it.
  4. Kazite Light Armor and Shadow Kazite Armor now correctly compatible with enchantements compatible with them.
  5. Head is now disabled when equipping the Rust Lich helmet.
  6. Economy and Assassin Enchantments now applies their stat properly.
  7. Poltergeist and Whiplash enchantments can now only be applied to main weapons.
  8. For the Client, enchantments on armor that were increasing damage was being increased each time a loading was done. It is now only applied once.
  9. Imbue VFX are now properly aligned on all pistols.
  10. Junk claymore is now included in ’Antique Field Equipement Low’ drop table.
  11. Fix two blood mages that had mercenaries visuals on the path to the Blood Mage Hideout.
  12. Fix various typos.
  13. Fix various stuck spots.

Update #2

  1. Hot fix Junk Claymore stats adjusted.