Update v472345


  1. Refrigerator now produces less heat when in Power Saver mode.
  2. Improved vertical spacing of diagnostics and pinned resources UI.
  3. Removed excess width of overlay legends UI.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed issue preventing wild and domesticated critter report data from being recorded and presented.
  2. Fixed issue preventing Critter Whisperer and Moovin’ On Up achievement checkbox progress from updating in the UI.
  3. Meteor Shower background effects no longer show when meteors aren’t falling.
  4. Resolved inconsistency in Solar Panel/Heavi-Watt Wire placement. These two buildings can once again be built on top of each other.

Base Game Only

  1. Worldgen: Fixed Oceania generating without Oil Reservoirs.
  2. Worldgen: Biome sizes restored to their previous size.
  3. Restored Barbeque to the consumables menu.
  4. Rocket animations are no longer cut off when rendered above the buildable area.
  5. Fixed crash clicking on the Bio tab if a duplicant had a rocketry interest, which is not in the base game.
  6. Removed Spaced Out! Graphite recipe from the Rock Crusher and its codex page no longer crashes.
  7. Fixed issue where space destination resources were not reserved by rockets.
  8. Sight-Seeing Module no longer releases an assigned duplicant while in space.

Spaced Out! Only

  1. Changed Cobalt Ore Atmo Suit to Cobalt.