Update v461546


  1. Marshy Asteroid now always has at least some Jungle.
  2. Improved preventing POIs breaking high temperature borders.
  3. Fixed an issue where the starting asteroid in Classic Style Terra Cluster generated few or no Oil Reservoirs.
  4. Improved Abyssalite border drawing to prevent small amounts of magma appearing on the wrong side of the border.
  5. Prevent terrain "features" from drawing over adjacent biomes of a different type.
  6. Improved border temperature gradient in extreme temperature cases. It’s not perfect yet.
  7. Slight improvement to spawning POIs in the magma core of the Marshy Asteroid.
  8. Increased water mass on Water Asteroid to prevent significant water receding due to liquid compression.


  1. Fixed issue that could occur when revealing asteroids with liquid surfaces.
  2. Rockets are once again able to fly through Rocket Platforms and other rockets - though they cannot idle overlapping with them.


  1. Updated Russian translations.