Update v284571

Key Features

  1. Rockets: Several new "Rocket Module" buildings for spacecraft construction.
  2. Command Capsule.
  3. Petroleum Rocket Engine.
  4. Liquid Fuel Tank.
  5. Cargo Bay.
  6. Gas Cargo Canister.
  7. Liquid Cargo Tank.
  8. Biological Cargo Bay.
  9. New buildings to support rocket-related research and development.
  10. Research Telescope.
  11. Space Cadet Centrifuge.
  12. Oxylite Refinery.
  13. A new UI screen for interacting with your fleet of rockets and their missions.
  14. Five mission destinations.
  15. A new critter and plant which can be brought back from space.
  16. Gassy Moo.
  17. Gas Grass.
  18. Several new Codex entries to unlock over multiple playthroughs.
  19. New elements which affect Steel and Natural Gas production.
  20. Sour Gas.
  21. Fossil.
  22. Sulfur.
  23. Buildings for gas bottling and emptying.
  24. Canister Filler.
  25. Canister Emptier.
  26. Buildings for storing gases and liquids.
  27. Liquid Reservoir.
  28. Gas Reservoir.
  29. A couple new settings for custom games.
  30. Hunger rate setting.
  31. Morale stress setting.
  32. The "No Sweat" game mode preset has been added to help tailor your experience to your preferred playstyle.

New Stuff

  1. The game now has rockets.
  2. New Buildings: Steam Engine, Kerosene Rocket Engine, Liquid Fuel Tank, Cargo Bay, Gas Cargo Tank, Liquid Cargo Tank, Command Module, Gantry, Cargo Bay, Astronaut Training Center, Telescope, Oxylite Refinery, Liquid Reservoir, Gas Reservoir, Gas Bottler, Gas Bottle Emptier.
  3. New Creature: Gassy moo.
  4. New Plant: Gas Grass.
  5. New research point: Gamma.
  6. New Roles: Cadet/Astronaut.
  7. New elements: Fossil, Sour Gas, Sulfur.
  8. New playstyle modes: Survival/No Sweat.


  1. Petroleum now turns into sour gas when boiled.
  2. Fix deodorizer emitting oxygen and clay into the cell above itself, even if that cell is solid.
  3. Fix dupes not working during Red Alert if it’s during bedtime.
  4. Heat energy renamed from Watts to DTU/s to acknowledge that the game does not conserve energy when converting from electrical to heat. Thermal conductivity and specific heat capacity units have been updated accordingly.
  5. Liquid Chlorine no longer links to the solid codex entry.
  6. Dupes no longer consider whether it is "night time" when choosing whether they should wake up.
  7. Slickster no longer plays hovering sound when swimming.
  8. Water and Polluted Water now have the same SHC so that the water purifier won’t magically cause a loss of energy.
  9. More animations allow Duplicants to play their speech animations.
  10. Fixed a bug where Dreckos would not eat plants which were loaded in a wilted state.
  11. Fix plants sometimes not reacting to temperature changes.
  12. Tune fatal temperatures for various plants now that they are more reliably killed, ~50+ degrees of leeway between wilting and death.
  13. Tune down the light absorption factors of the common gases.
  14. Diseases that have actually been contracted cure more quickly with Strong immunity and more slowly with Compromised immunity.
  15. Calorie burn is now customizable in the setting screen.
  16. Conversation topics are no longer viral.
  17. Fix selection collision for objects wider than 2 tiles that are flipped horizontally.
  18. Dupes can now have conversations about their attributes and current role.
  19. New sound effects for trussed baby creatures.
  20. New sound effects for a bunch of duplicant reactions.
  21. New glass ore art.
  22. Fix auto-sweeper range visualization incorrectly passing through glass tiles.
  23. Fix the tinkering buffs from engineering roles not stacking correctly.
  24. Fix mechatronics construction buff not stacking.
  25. Fix builder construction buff labels.
  26. Fix suit expert athletics buff mislabeled.
  27. New trussing anims.
  28. Copy settings now copies auto wrangle and max critter settings.
  29. Showering takes less time.
  30. Dupes now require a shower whenever they wake up instead of at dawn.
  31. Shower now applies a "showered" morale boost.
  32. Added morning stretch sound effects.
  33. Updates Espresso Machine sound effects.
  34. Added a "blank" minion widget on the schedule which can be used to "pull" dupes to that schedule.
  35. Fix drop down alignment on schedule screen and roles screen.
  36. "Inspect" popup now has a button to directly open the codex entry.
  37. Display a handy notification on the schedule screen to show the morale gain, and alert to weird schedules.
  38. Added tutorial messages to codex.
  39. Rec buildings no longer give "took a break" effect.
  40. Duplicants now get a morale boost depending on how many Blocks of Downtime they have in a cycle (up to 5).
  41. Make Night Owl correctly apply to all skills.
  42. Shine bug diets now include all of the foods which are listed as impacting the egg variants they’re capable of laying.
  43. Fix Morb increasing polluted oxygen mass indefinitely if there is any other gas present.
  44. Arrow on the schedule screen shows the current time of day.
  45. You can now paint schedule blocks by dragging!
  46. Ranch Station displays status item warning of missing role perk required for operation.
  47. Fixed meter layering issues.
  48. Food/Decor perceptions are now shown on the details screen.
  49. Valve’s are now prioritizable.
  50. Heavi-Conductive Joint Plates are no longer allowed to have their wire connection points overlap other bridge connector end points.
  51. Clicking on a line in the display will no longer select items which do not count towards the total.
  52. Fixed formatting issue in resource display tooltip.
  53. Buildings that are only constructable by people in a certain role will now show that information under the Requirements section of the build menu.
  54. Marking food for compost no longer resets freshness.
  55. Fix dupes not taking Placebo when they have a medbed available.
  56. Increased Placebo duration from half a cycle to just under one cycle.
  57. Fixed move tool negative sound.
  58. Move tool no longer cancels itself if you click on an unreachable location.
  59. Fixed "Night Owl" using "Early Bird" string.
  60. Fixed incorrect value in "Night Owl" tooltip.
  61. Dupes will no longer blink when they are dead.
  62. Fixed a memory leak caused by comets.
  63. Baby critters no longer gain the Expecting debuff.
  64. Fix auto-sweeper arm layering on load.
  65. Fixed a framerate issue that was occurring when using some translation mods.
  66. Critters take somewhat longer to drown and display a status icon while doing so.
  67. Fixed a crash that could occur when loading a save file containing liquid cooled fans.
  68. Fix slicksters unable to eat if they can only navigate to cells with a small amount of liquid.
  69. Building deconstruct range is increased to match construction range.
  70. Power control station is now prioritizable.
  71. Critter death timer is properly stored on load.
  72. Fixed issue with sprites sometimes having black borders when zooming out.
  73. Building a pipe through a replaced tile no longer causes that tile to break.
  74. ElementFilters (gas/liquid filters) now display status items and icons for if a pipe isn’t hooked up to the filter port or if the pipe is blocked.
  75. Dupes will no longer walk back and forth across an exosuit dock if the area on the safe side of the exosuit dock has no oxygen.
  76. Fixed issue where camera would continue to pan when opening up a full screen menu while panning.
  77. Added Jukebot songs that were made on Rhymes with Play.
  78. Fix fish feeder and fish release being broken when building wires/pipes behind their "tile" cell.
  79. Fish feeder and fish release may be entombed or flooded.
  80. Conduit sensors should default to the off state rather than the on state.
  81. The Empty Pipe tool now copies the priority onto the placed job.
  82. Solar panels and the steam turbine now obstruct light.
  83. Fixed an issue where mass could be created during the pressure simulation.
  84. Dupes should play the correct footstep sound when jumping onto floors.
  85. Drywall no longer complains about being entombed.