Update v291278

  1. Fix for dupes continually digging tiny amounts of snow and other materials.
  2. Fix dupe animation frozen when eating medicine or changing the lock state of a door.
  3. Fix loss of mass when multiple stackable items stack together on the same frame.
  4. New research center animations.
  5. Rocket Modules can no longer be deconstructed while the rocket is away.
  6. Command module storage is sealed and insulated so the atmosuit can’t melt while in flight.
  7. Make rocket fuel tanks insulated so steam etc. doesn’t phase change during fueling.
  8. Fix starmap/telescope so new analysis targets can be selected after one is completed.
  9. Fix for flush toilet constantly becoming disabled if you run the output pipe directly across the output instead of connecting to a T junction.
  10. Shov Vole can no longer dig through nearly impenetrable materials.
  11. Updated baby Shov Vole animations.
  12. Updated Gassy Grass animations.
  13. Improved tooltip for when duplicants die from low health.
  14. Fixing drowning tooltip.

Hot Fix

  1. Fix crash when building Rocket engines.