Update v300458

  1. Fix a crash when rapidly clicking a toggle.
  2. Fix petroleum engine dropping liquid when switching between engines.
  3. Fix small sculpture good art state.
  4. Fix displaying when a duplicant is already assigned to another item.
  5. Liquid cooled refineries now use the right amount of coolant when more than one coolant type is present.
  6. Liquid cooled refineries correctly apply heat when multiple coolants are used.
  7. Remove slightly misleading phrase from creativity stat description.
  8. Fix showing quality and other effects for food recipes.
  9. Fix egg cracker not cracking sun bug eggs.
  10. Fix complex fabricators incorrectly using mass instead of amount available.
  11. Fix crash on suit marker when no suit is selected.
  12. Added checks for fetch chore experience gathering to ensure the duplicant exists outside of the duplicant select screen.
  13. Fixed crash caused by duplicants falling off world.
  14. Using empty storage on a complex fabricator cancels and updates orders.
  15. Fix a crash when grooming a critter that dies just as it’s about to be groomed.
  16. Fix a crash when simultaneously left and right clicking shuffle on duplicant select screen.
  17. Fix a crash when complex fabricators complete an order that was cancelled.