Update v306581 Test

  1. Deconstructing toilets and other assignables no longer crashes.
  2. Fix door access controls not being loaded correctly or modifying the pathfinding correctly.
  3. Cleaned up tooltips for chores on the Duplicant ToDo list.
  4. "Sleeping" status is properly bolded and first in the status screen.
  5. Big change to the Duplicant Time reports on the reports screen: Shows as percentage of the day, time categories have been revised, a few new categories, and the whole screen has been better organized.
  6. Fix several overlapping or badly wrapping text problems -- thanks for pointing these out!
  7. Updated description for Smooth Hatch.
  8. Clicking a Dupe on the building Errands tab will jump to that dupe.
  9. Fix text styles being broken when game language is changed.
  10. Added in "not existing" dupe time reporting for more accurate daily totals when a dupe is printed or dies.
  11. Reduce the boldness of bolded text.
  12. Add missing compostable string.
  13. Correct Water Geyser typo.
  14. More accurate Telescope description.