Update v308684 Test

  1. Fixed issue where pre-printing and post-death time logs were inaccurate.
  2. Liquid Fuel Tank background now shows up.
  3. Report Screen headers are now translatable.
  4. Airflow Tiles and Mesh Tiles now block gasses and liquids from escaping into space.
  5. All doors now prevent gasses and liquids from escaping into space (art coming soon!).
  6. Gasses render in front of background buildings like Drywall.
  7. All doors can be walked on top of, in either orientation, open or closed.
  8. Hotkeys are explicitly inserted into many strings now instead of appended at the end (for Translators).
  9. Puzzle Cube artifact displays properly.
  10. Conduits placed across multiple Hydroponic Farms should no longer block liquids from flowing down the pipe.
  11. Emergency priority creates notifications to make it easier to find those Errands.
  12. Games there were saved while a Care Package was in the process of being printed will no longer crash.
  13. Fix several cases of Duplicants repeatedly picking up micrograms of ore.
  14. Duplicants will prefer to run across the tops of ladders rather than climbing across them.
  15. Bunker Doors should no longer animate while the game is paused.
  16. Anti Entropy Thermal Nullifier no longer incorrectly gets "Too Cold".
  17. Fix a crash when trying to save invalid temperatures.
  18. Updated artwork for many of the rocket module backgrounds.
  19. Improved some logging for Errand errors to help us track down bugs.