Update v309354 Test

  1. Added background art to all doors to indicate that they prevent gasses from leaking into space.
  2. Fixed layering on gas rendering. Now all pipes and other background objects are partially covered by gasses, drywall and world background are fully covered.
  3. Fix for Dupes incorrectly binge-eating tiny amounts of food.
  4. Duplicant Errand list correctly hides errands the Dupe would be unable to perform.
  5. Clicking certain notifications no longer moves the camera to the top left of the world.
  6. Remove redundant hotkeys in some tooltips.
  7. Revised artwork for rocket towers.
  8. Made several previously-untranslatable strings translatable.
  9. Fetches for micro-amounts are forced to complete.
  10. "Errands" tab shows on more than just buildings, e.g. digs, critters. Let us know if it’s missing from anything still!
  11. Fixed more text layout/wrapping bugs.
  12. Fix a crash when deleting a Duplicant or Critter with sandbox tools.
  13. Adjust height of the Critter Lure so that it has room for the bait.
  14. Proper fuel meter shows on the Liquid Fuel Tank.
  15. Liquid Oxidizer tank meter no longer stays behind when the rocket launches.
  16. Liquid/Gas/Solid cargo bay meters are hooked up.
  17. Adjusted wordings on Rocket checklist to make it more clear when there are problems.
  18. Red Alert no longer prevents Emergency chores from being completed.
  19. Fixed priority of Find Somewhere Safer chore.
  20. Added tooltip for Emergency priority.
  21. Added priority values into tooltips on the Priorities screen.