Update v311694

  1. Red alert no longer prevents Duplicants from catching their breath (They will however, hold it for longer than usual).
  2. Dupes in Red Alert will get the correct "holding breath" face when holding their breath.
  3. Can now set emergency priority with the ’0’ key the same way the other number keys set normal priorities.
  4. Fix Filtered Output Pipe icon on the plumbing overlay.
  5. Fix liquid/gas input incorrectly updating liquid flow if the entire mass was consumed.
  6. Fix crashed caused by Errand time reporting.
  7. Cleaned up which systems were responsible for Red Alert from Emergency Priority errands. Now it’s controlled directly from the building’s priority, so setting the building priority will immediately toggle Red Alert on or off, regardless of whether there is an active chore. This makes it more consistent in all cases and improves the feedback of toggling the building’s priority.
  8. Buildings and other objects with emergency priority now have a "!!" status item visible in the main game view.
  9. If a building was only temporarily prioritizable (e.g. because of a Repair errand), it will stop causing Red Alert when that errand is finished.
  10. Several temperature and mass related crashes were actually recoverable, so just put a warning in the output log and keep running the game.
  11. Fix a crash then the Med Bed is set to emergency priority.
  12. Duplicants are allowed to remain in a med bed during Red Alert.
  13. Fix the priority numbers on the Minion Todo List being off by one.