Update v320841 Test

  1. Updated artwork for Conveyor Ore Dropper.
  2. The port is now correctly an input port, to trigger dropping.
  3. Updated artwork for Conveyor Shutoff.
  4. Astronaut Training Center is being temporarily removed.
  5. Skills screen button is unlocked by Skills Board building; appears in correct location in the menu bar.
  6. Skills screen shows different colours for expectations of hovered skills.
  7. Revisions to Steam Turbine.
  8. Further updated artwork for Steam Turbine.
  9. Status reflects partially blocked inputs.
  10. All the status item texts have been cleaned up.
  11. Minimum Steam pressure is now 1g.
  12. Displays active Wattage and Heat Output.
  13. Only Steam temperature is considered when evaluating input temperature.
  14. Automated Ore Dropper renamed to Ore Dump Station.
  15. It’s now a ground building, and dispenses one tile to the right (or left).
  16. Swapped temporary artwork to reflect it being a ground building.
  17. Hooked up new Ice Fan artwork.
  18. Ice Fan actually consumes ice as it cools.
  19. Respeccer is now an Industrial Building, and can’t be assigned to a room.
  20. Notification when a respec has been completed.
  21. Dupes should no longer get cut off by the scrollbar on the skills screen.
  22. Updated/Added hats for Medical skills.
  23. Removed obsolete Pharma Chamber and pills.
  24. Can once again right-click to close the various full-screen menus.
  25. Doctoring stations now require the correct skills to operate.
  26. Duplicants will not wait for care at a doctor station if there are no doctors in the base.
  27. Germs no longer randomly appear in various Jungle areas.
  28. Fix crash that could occur when connecting automation wires to a building.
  29. Slimelung has a reduced infection duration, and it actually decreases all the time.
  30. Fix crash if using a debug tool to set the temperature of a tile.
  31. Updated the descriptions on the Med Bed to indicate that it’s only for physical injuries.
  32. Fix crash when selecting critters in the Database screen.
  33. Reverted a fix which prevented dupes from getting stuck jumping on to horizontal doors. The fix was causing them to get stuck at all locked doors. We are investigating another fix for the horizontal door problem.
  34. Simplified Skills screen tooltips.
  35. Logic connection points have been restored to their proper positions on many buildings.