Update v321393 Test

  1. New Plumber’s Hat.
  2. Remove queued recipes that have been removed from the game.
  3. Fix texture resolution issue with potted plants.
  4. Fix crash if opening the skill screen with no dupe selected.
  5. Skills Station has a status item when there are points available for spending.
  6. Dupes make a trip to the Skills Station after being awarded a new skill.
  7. Temporary art for the Ore Drop Station.
  8. Removed redundant global "Yellow Alert" notification because emergency chores now only trigger priority override for the attending duplicants.
  9. Command Module and Tourist Module use a more accurate check for whether the Gantry is extended.
  10. Fix more crashes related to uncategorized objects.
  11. The plumbing input and output icons have been rotated upside down.
  12. Fix a crash when duplicants are unlocking new hats.
  13. Restore experience when Duplicants return from space.
  14. Add placeholder information for space Duplicants on the.