Update v322093 Test

  1. New Mod System is active!
  2. Skills screen Morale visualization takes skill interests in to account.
  3. Updated plumbing icons on the Plumbing tutorial picture.
  4. Fix crash when duplicants try talking about things which are no longer in the game.
  5. Change to the internal heat calculation for turbine. Tuning is roughly but not exactly the same.
  6. Tools with filters now show the active filter on the hovercard.
  7. Audio option to mute the game on lost focus.
  8. Tuning to Ice Maker and Icedro Fan.
  9. Re-fix: Dupes can’t pass door if it has no floor.
  10. Fix dupes get stuck trying to walk through a locked door if the door is built one tile above the ground.
  11. Dupes should generally behave more consistently when navigating through doors built in unusual configurations.
  12. Duplicants no longer get stuck trying to path through closed vertical solid doors.
  13. Falling dupes will now land on any floor they can walk on, inc. open doors, liquid pump, and gantry.
  14. Liquid pump floors now behave consistently with other floor types, critters can walk over them.
  15. Can now cancel/deconstruct Wire Bridge when in the Wires filter.
  16. "Squeamish" trait and Care interest are now mutually exclusive.
  17. Fix Skill Point Gained notification/effects not showing up half the time.
  18. Updated interact for Respec Station.
  19. Skills Interest is correctly described on the minion select screen.
  20. Dead batteries will no longer provide magical power to transformers (the "Battery Transformer Infinite Power Loop" bug).