Update v322848 Test

  1. Fix Smart Battery automation descriptions and tooltips.
  2. Liquid Fan has been deprecated (can no longer be constructed).
  3. Water and ice transition correctly inside Ice Maker / Icedro Fan.
  4. Balancing of Ice Maker / Icedro Fan heat and power usages.
  5. Squeamish now actually can’t roll with a Caring interest.
  6. Gastrophobia and Gourmet can no longer roll together.
  7. Duplicants were earning skill experience at about 3x the rate they were tuned to, now the algorithm has been corrected.
  8. Sick dupes will not wait for treatment at a doctor station if they are the only available doctor.
  9. Add dupes in space to consumables, priorities, skills and vitals screen.
  10. Dupes in space appear faded in these screens.
  11. Reorganize astronaut skills on the skill screen.
  12. Critters will no longer pass through doors set to "auto", even if a duplicant has opened it. They will pass through doors set to "open" though.
  13. Mods button is always active, instead showing a message if no mods are installed.
  14. Pacifist trait no longer prevents digging Skills from being learned.
  15. Outer Space sounds will "calm down" around constructed bases.
  16. Gravitas Facility has its own ambience.
  17. Tweaked Drywall placement sound.
  18. Red Alert and Yellow Alert overlays no longer interfere with each other.
  19. Adjusted Yellow Alert sounds, added an activation sound for "!!" priority.
  20. Activating the Materials overlay no longer causes building plans to hide behind the ground.
  21. Mod preview images download correctly.
  22. Game restarts correctly after a mod is installed.
  23. Mods under development can now be placed in Documents/OxygenNotIncluded/mods/dev/<modname>. This will cause crashes and restarts to be handled slightly differently, to make iterating on mod development easier.
  24. Duplicant portraits in the UI once again wear hats!
  25. The top-left HUD element that used to show immune levels now counts sick duplicants.
  26. Added sounds to Icedro Fan.
  27. Steam Turbine can now get Engie’s Tuneup.
  28. Can now rename storage lockers.