Update v323841 Test

  1. Updated Steam Turbine sounds.
  2. All critters will land on horizontal open doors as if it was solid floor.
  3. Dreckos can climb on doors set to "auto" or "lock", but not "open".
  4. Slicksters can hover over Pneumatic Doors.
  5. Skills Screen horizontally scrolls.
  6. Game restarts correctly if there are spaces in the file path.
  7. Added sounds to the Conveyor Drop and Conveyor Shutoff.
  8. Tweaked ore falling/landing sounds.
  9. Fix crash when applying visual styles to dupes.
  10. Duplicant heats correctly wear hats in the Schedule screen.
  11. Big pass on new strings for this update.
  12. Added interact sounds to the Skill Scrubber (formerly Respeccer).
  13. Icedro Fan renamed the Ice-E Fan.
  14. Flying critters will no longer pass through "water locks".
  15. Fix Skill Screen crash when a dupe is in space.
  16. Fix for a crash in the Materials Overlay.
  17. Deprecated Hydrofan sounds no longer stay stuck on.
  18. Fix for Modloader.dll coexisting with the internal mod loader.
  19. New cough animation for Slime Lung.
  20. Height of Ice Maker has been fixed to match the art.
  21. New sounds for non-Duplicant printing pod deliveries.
  22. Correct animation and power usage for Conveyor Shutoff.
  23. Fixed arrow direction on Conveyor Shutoff.
  24. Hooked up some missing sounds for Shove Vole’s grooming and growing up animations.
  25. Atmo Suits will now store all duplicant "emissions" and release them on unequipping.
  26. New "soiled suit" status effect if a suit ends up full of liquid.
  27. Final Steam Turbine art.
  28. Grooming Station now must be inside a ranch, as it says in the description.
  29. Ranching attribute increases the duration of the Groomed effect by 10% per point.
  30. Improved performance of the Materials overlay.
  31. All contents of all mods are unzipped into the mods directory, so that e.g. config files can be edited by the end-user.
  32. New side screen slider for the Med Bed allow setting the health threshold before duplicants come to get healed.
  33. Ambient gas sounds are less monotonous.
  34. Door sounds no longer get cut off.
  35. Stubbed in "Floral Scents" germ. This is released by Buddy Buds, and Bristle Blossoms when the bloom. Effects are still WIP.
  36. Stubbed in the "Sporechid", a germ-producing plant that lives in the oil biome. Germs and effects are still WIP.
  37. New interact animation for the Advanced Doctoring Station.