Update v324933 Test

  1. Rocket Piloting ability is now correctly gained from the Rocket Piloting skill.
  2. Second astronaut skill now called Rocket Navigation and increases the speed of space travel.
  3. Deconstruct icon shows in the Shipping overlay.
  4. Fix a crash in the assignment side screen.
  5. Gassy Moo has it’s own voice now.
  6. Always show progress bar on Geysers once analysis has started.
  7. Fix issue from trying to load ModLoader.dll multiple times.
  8. Reinstall mod files if they have been deleted locally.
  9. Fix a crash if multiple medicines are loaded in a doctor station.
  10. Booster Pills now decrease the chance of contracting a disease.
  11. Fix for skill screen experience tooltip miscalculation.
  12. Fix Suit Checkpoints breaking waterlocks, tiles, etc. that were to the right of them.
  13. Duplicants can be rolled with the Allergies trait.
  14. Non-allergic duplicants get the "Smelled Flowers" stress bonus if they inhale Floral Scent germs.
  15. Allergic dupes go in to an allergic sneezing fit if they inhale Floral Scent germs.
  16. Allergy Medication can be produced at the Apothecary.
  17. Clarify the messages and buttons on the Mods screen when a rweestart is required.
  18. Enabling any mod in the mods/dev folder will put the mod system in Dev Mode, making the game more forgiving of mod crashes.
  19. New Temp Art for the Doctor Station.