Update v325565 Test

  1. Update more Logic strings.
  2. Minor string formatting.
  3. And also various other capitalization and typo fixes.
  4. Med-Bed is now named Triage Cot.
  5. Doctor Station is now named Sick Bay.
  6. Advanced Doctor Station is now named Disease Clinic.
  7. Ore Dump Station is now named Automatic Dispenser.
  8. Further performance improvements to the Priority overlay.
  9. Tweaks to what appears in each Priority tool filter.
  10. Atmo Suits no longer transfer disease with their contents when they release on unequipping.
  11. Sound effects added to Slimelung Cough.
  12. Transformers draw the correct amount of power from Generators, so the "Extra battery" is no longer needed.
  13. Fix a crash when clicking the Skill notification.
  14. Wall flower pot now uses the usual rotation command instead of the "automatic" rotating.
  15. Duplicants will not sneeze while they are taking their medicine.