Update v326830

  1. Swapped in the new artwork for the Early Access message screen.
  2. Mods can now overwrite all the remaining files in worldgen (biomes, features, subworlds, etc).
  3. Hooked up proper animations for the Automatic Dispenser.
  4. Fixed Duplicant scaling on the new game mode selection screen.
  5. Dupes printed from the portal (not starter dupes) come with 1 skill point.
  6. Tooltips on the skills screen should no longer go off the bottom of the screen.
  7. Deprecated buildings can no longer be copied.
  8. QOL2 saves which were upgraded to QOL3 will no longer show hearts on every skill.
  9. Door state is copied when copying settings between doors.
  10. Medical hat variants show correctly on the Skills screen.
  11. Logic timing should scale properly with game speed now.
  12. Skill Scrubber sounds added.
  13. Sneezing no longer interrupts errands, they will resume after the sneeze completes.
  14. Duplicants who were in rockets in a QOL2 save will have their skill points properly upgraded. (If the colony has been loaded and saved in QOL3, the points can no longer be restored).
  15. Highly germ-susceptible Duplicants will no longer get other Duplicants sick when they are exposed to germs.
  16. Selected hat displays correctly in the Skills screen.