Update v327401

  1. Medicine pack and medicine vial recipes are automatically unlocked at the apothecary when the matching doctor stations are researched.
  2. Add some retries to mod db loading for cases where backup utilities or onedrive have locked a file.
  3. Skill Scrubber will be correctly resumed on file load.
  4. Updated artwork for Skill Scrubber.
  5. Added sounds for various animated Artefacts.
  6. Dupe hats work correctly on the Schedule screen dropdown.
  7. Dupe hats work correctly on the assignment screens.
  8. Various sick emotes (i.e. holding stomach and swaying) no longer cause chore interruption.
  9. Tweaked frequency of sick emotes.
  10. Dupe Germ Susceptibility attribute is now Germ Resistance. Traits, game setting, boosters, etc. affect a duplicant’s Germ Resistance, and each disease has a certain negative resistance. The combination of the two becomes the chance to get sick, which gets close to but never reaches 0% or 100% (except with the custom game setting of course).
  11. Germ Exposure tooltips include a (small) clue as to where the germ was encountered.