Update v347059 Test

  1. Fix crash when opening the colony summary screen if there were no "summaried" colonies available.
  2. Improve imperative-earned animation.
  3. Skill Stations are no longer valid targets for changing skills (Dupes now use the portal). Fixes a crash when they would try.
  4. Updated oxyfern seed art.
  5. Lights no longer "linger" around the world.
  6. Research screen zoom takes UI scale in to account. Added zoom buttons.
  7. Fix crash when loading timelapses if a colony has ’png’ in the name.
  8. New Park Sign artwork and building size.
  9. Added a bunch of missing strings.
  10. Updated Desalinator description to correctly not mention steam.
  11. Dig errands are correctly removed when a building construction is cancelled.