Update v347269 Test

  1. Gas Oven art revisions.
  2. Updated Victory Monument artwork.
  3. Added music when an Initiative is completed.
  4. Fix some initiatives being awarded incorrectly.
  5. Further adjustments to Research Screen zooming.
  6. Remove some unused recipes.
  7. Aluminum ore care package no longer requires discovering an unused element.
  8. Atmosuits can now be made out of copper, aluminum, or iron.
  9. Atmosuits now use refined metal instead of raw metal.
  10. Improved atmosuit recipe names to indicate material choices.
  11. There are now buried Mealwood seeds in the forest areas.
  12. Boulders and other random features no longer spawn in the starting biome (large features can still overlap the boundaries).
  13. Fix the glow on Park Sign.
  14. Escape key no longer "cancels" worldgen.
  15. Fixed inconsistency between the seed/traits shown on the asteroid select screen and those actually used to generate a world.
  16. Fixed an Arbor Tree sound bug.
  17. Arbor Tree trunks no longer get old and withered.
  18. Restore invisible text on planter side screen.
  19. Wood Generator now emits exhaust in the correct location so it won’t destroy adjacent tiles.
  20. Removed an incorrect descriptor on the Desalinator.
  21. POI security door is flipped the correct way in newly generated worlds.
  22. Increase the default temperature of Waterweed to match its survivability and biome.
  23. Fixed missing strings on world traits.
  24. Fixed tooltip on world shuffle button.
  25. Pacus drop Fillets instead of Meat.
  26. Ceiling light coverage is once again cone-shaped.
  27. Large pass on tooltips throughout the game to increase brevity and readability. There are now bolded/highlighted concepts in the tooltips.
  28. Park sign no long affects decor, that’s up to your park!