Update v347957 Test

  1. Further fix for "Outdoor Renovations" initiative.
  2. Ice Maker won’t attempt to cool less than 100g of water.
  3. Tree Branches take much longer to grow old and self-harvest.
  4. Fix crash when loading older saves with custom settings.
  5. Updated Monument artwork.
  6. Fixed white flash in Gas Range Duplicant animations.
  7. Fixed bug where Duplicants could not learn a skill if they were below morale expectations and had an Interest in that skill.
  8. Fix crash when Duplicants and Pips deliver to the same farm plot.
  9. Updated artwork for Pips and Pip Eggs.
  10. Updated artwork for Duplicant Motion Sensor.
  11. Fixed various issues with loading colony summaries with unexpected colony names.
  12. Fixed loading colony summaries with Chinese colony names.
  13. String updates for skills and new materials.
  14. Updated artwork for Park Sign.
  15. Fixed some Arbor Tree sounds.
  16. Updated Chinese translations.
  17. Added several new World Traits.
  18. Fix crash when Pokeshells are guarding an egg.
  19. Video player stretches to fullscreen.
  20. Monument sidescreen shows previews of each part.
  21. Reduced Gas Range input to 100g/s.
  22. Can navigate research screen with WASD.
  23. Fix crash when Lightbugs get lured.
  24. Transition temperature between Gas <-> Liquid Ethanol is now consistent.
  25. The output temperatures of the Ethanol Distillery and Rust Deoxydizer have been brought in line with their utility.
  26. Nosh Sprouts now irrigate with Polluted Water which remains liquid at their preferred temperature.
  27. Added missing animation states to the salt plant.
  28. Kelvin is no longer displayed as °K, just K.
  29. Room Overlay legend is more clear about Effects vs Requirements.
  30. Improved ambient sound on main menu screens.
  31. Waterweed now requires irrigation (saltwater) and fertilizer (bleachstone).
  32. Added bleachstone to the tidal pool biome.