Update v350563 Test

  1. Seed self-planting has been disabled again. Wild plants will no longer replant themselves if they get uprooted.
  2. Pips are more picky about where they plant seeds, and won’t crowd wild plants too close together.
  3. More tooltips have received formatting.
  4. Fix duplicant’s characteristics on the monument.
  5. Coal Generator CO2 output temperature has been corrected.
  6. Sink/Sanitizer/Ore Scrubber shows outputs under the correct heading in the building details.
  7. Duplicants no longer get stuck in a falling loop inside a door.
  8. Also Slicksters.
  9. Added "Tofu" food item.
  10. Tweaks to victory sequences.
  11. Remove a Journal entry that was crashing.
  12. Further revisions to Saltvine animations.
  13. Revisions to the Nosh Sprout animations.
  14. "Never autosave" actually won’t save now.
  15. Can dump ice from the icemaker from the building’s details panel.
  16. Decor plants now count as plants for Nature Reserves and Parks.
  17. But Tree branches do not.
  18. Fabricators will resume progress if the errand is interrupted.
  19. And also after save/load.
  20. Pip’s "rummage" action no longer makes items invalid.
  21. Items produced by rummaging are displayed in the correct order.
  22. New Ethanol Distillery animations.
  23. "Large Glaciers" from world traits are created ice-cold, so they don’t instantly melt.
  24. Large Boulders are a little smaller, and all boulders contain some igneous rock.
  25. Fixed a worldgen bug which was preventing things from being spawned, notably seeds in Ice biomes.
  26. Add a muckroot variant for the Forest starts. It’s much more rare but contains lots of calories.
  27. Fix crash when opening a Database entry for a tutorial that doesn’t have a video.
  28. Updated Pip cheek artwork.
  29. Fix issue causing missing tooltips and incorrect cursors on the Build menu.
  30. Pipe optimizations have been added back in, along with bug fixes for:
  31. Crashes when loops are created.
  32. Crashes when single pipes are destroyed.
  33. Pipe contents getting "blocked" by inline sources.